Internal Exams

Information regarding the 2021 internal exams will be placed here when we are able to update you.


External Exams

The following exams take place at the beginning of 2021:




Unit Code




Mon AM



Sport Studies – Contemporary issues in sport


Mon PM



Creative iMedia – Pre-production Skills

1h 15m


Fri AM



Health & Social Care – Health & Wellbeing


 Important Information

Year 11 and Year 10 Exam Results

Results day - 20th August 2020


Centre Assessed Grades have been submitted by the school to all of our exam boards. These are in the process of being standardized and reviewed and will be ready for distributing to pupils on Thursday 20 August 2020.


To maintain the safety of pupils and staff the decision has been made, across the trust, for results to be emailed to pupils this year from 8am.


To help with this we have created a school email address for each pupil. Please see below how to access this.

1. Search for outlook.office365.com on your search engine.

2. Enter your usual school username (the one you use to log in to a computer in school) followed by @thesnaithschool.org.uk and your password (the one you use to log in to a computer in school).

3. Check that you can see the test email that has been sent.


Results Collection Year 11 only

We have also made provision for Year 11 pupils to come in and collect a hard copy of their results on Thursday 20 August. An email has been sent to all pupils with a time for them to come into school, staff will also be available at this time, if they wish to discuss their results.

All uncollected hard copies of results will be posted out to pupils, to the address we hold on our system, at the end of the day.

In order to help us keep everyone safe when coming into school we ask that pupils:

1. Asks parents/carers, or others who may have travelled with them, to wait outside school

2. Enter the building on their own through reception at their allotted time only

3. Use the hand sanitiser in reception before entering the school hall

4. Adhere to the 2 metre distancing rule

5. Adhere to the one way system that will be in place

6. Leave the school site immediately after leaving the school hall





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