Core Subjects

Core Subjects at The Snaith School


Welcome to our overview of the core subjects that we offer at The Snaith School. Each student will sit: Science, English and Math's through years 7 to 11. Please enjoy our overview of each subject below! These videos will be available for a while, so don't feel you need to watch them all tonight!


 With a dynamic and imaginative team leading this exciting subject, our focus is on all pupils understanding, applying and enjoying Mathematics and its connection to the wider world. Use of inter-active white-boards and ICT enable a creative 21st century approach to learning. Homework is an important component of the learning process, consolidating the learning in lessons. Lunchtime drop-in sessions and after-school revision classes are also offered as extra support. Students have access to a wide range of resources including Maths Watch, Hegarty maths and GCSE pod to enhance their learning.


 A highly qualified and collaborative team of English specialists offer very high standards of teaching and learning. Our aim is to empower all students with the ability to use language effectively and to inspire in them a love and a passion for literature.  



We aim to provide inclusive courses that will encourage pupil’s interest in science regardless of their ability and we are continually striving to add to the learning opportunities we offer our pupils. 

The department benefits from specialist teaching in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, meaning that pupils in KS4 have three teachers throughout their GCSE courses.  We have 6 specialist laboratories and one more general teaching room, as well as an outdoor learning area that allows pupils to investigate ecosystems.


Having viewed our three core subjects, please feel free to view the option subjects we offer!


Click on the images below to see our department overviews:


             Creative Arts                                 Technical                                   Humanities

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