• Year 8

Welcome to Year 8

During Year 8 pupils are expected to adopt a more mature approach to school life and become more responsible, one very important aspect of Year 8 is that all pupils will be choosing their option subjects for GCSE. In addition they are expected to contribute to the community of the school and as a reward they are given more responsibility.

Throughout the year there are also a number of fantastic opportunities to get fully involved in school life, helping Pupils to make positive choices in all aspects of their lives. Pupils are given the opportunity to get involved in inter-form competitions, raise money for charity, to be part of the most enterprising form in the year and much more.

Pupils in year 8 are regularly rewarded for good effort and hard work as well as having good attendance and being punctual. Rewards include recognition of their hard work through postcards, phone calls home and celebration assemblies. Reward trips will also take place for those pupils who consistently take a positive approach to school life.

At the end of the year, pupils can look back on all they've achieved and begin to start planning for Year 9.

Miss Baines- Head of Year


Hello Year 8!  I hope you are all keeping safe and well and have been busy with work on the online platform and Microsoft Teams. 

I will now be your Head of Year and will take you through the rest of your time at The Snaith School until Year 11.  You are actually my third year group to take through the school!  Some of you may already know me as your Drama Teacher or Food Tech Teacher; you may even have me in the future for Music!

As your Head of Year I expect kindness and respect from all and for all.  I expect you to show maturity through your actions and you work ethic.  Your attitude towards school is vital to your success in the future and it goes without saying, I expect you to be role models to our new Year 7’s showing them exemplary behaviour and maturity.  I will help you with all aspects of school life and also teenage life as we transition through from Year 8 to Year 11.

Miss Worral -8RW


Hello to my lovely form. I am very much looking forward to meeting you all in September! You won’t have seen me around school during year 7 as I have been on maternity leave. Our form is going to be an environment where we can all share our experiences at school in a fun, supportive way. I am looking forward to getting to know you all and finding out what you are interested in. I am a maths teacher but have lots of interests outside of school and love spending time with my family and my adorable dog, Freddie. It is important that we all support each other in our return to school and I expect you all to be kind, helpful and have a positive attitude both in the classroom and around school. See you all soon! Miss Worrall

Mr Franklin- 8BF


Hi Year 8, for those who don't know me, my name is Mr Franklin and I am Subject Leader for PE. I have been a PE Teacher at the Snaith School for 10 years and have seen 2 form groups all the way through from Year 7 to Year 11. You guys come to me with a fantastic reputation and I can’t wait to get to know you all. 8BF will be built on honesty, confidence and friendships. Just remember for the next 4 years I will be there for you no matter what the issue or problem. 

I am very competitive and hate losing. I take the form prizes during celebration assemblies very seriously. So attendance, behavior and ATL is key to succeed. 

I look forward to seeing you all when you return, enjoy your Summer, stay safe and remember BF stands for best form! I look forward to celebrating Liverpool's title win with you in September!

Mr Collins -8RCRC


Fantastic news that 7GG will become 8RC. I am absolutely delighted to be getting you as a form and after you all asked Miss Baines to have me as your form tutor I'm hoping you are all very happy as well. I am certain that the next four years together will be nothing but positive. Having taught you all in Year 7 we all know exactly what I expect and what the standards are in HU1. 8RC will be built on honesty, mutual respect and togetherness. We will go through the highs and lows of life together and tackle head on whatever the next four years brings and come the end of Year 11 I know we will look back on our time together with great fondness.

Away from school life, I am a huge Newcastle United fan. I can just about tolerate talking about Leeds United but the words 'Sunderland' and 'Manchester United' are well and truly banned. 

I very much look forward to seeing you all when school fully reopens and starting the rest of your school life journey. Any problems - no matter how big or small you think they might be, we will get them sorted together.

Mr Collins

Mrs Van Dijk - 8BVD


Hi Team BvD

I am so excited to take over this form as I know you have had a couple of tutor changes in the last year and will be happy to settle down with a stable form room and tutor.

I am a science teacher, so in September your form room will be one of the newly refurbished science labs.

You are my 4th form group at the Snaith school which means I have worked at Snaith for 15 years. It is really hard saying goodbye to forms, but it does mean I meet a lot of ex-students when I am out and about and I love to hear how they are getting on.

The amazing and fun part of being a form tutor is to watch students grow and develop into independent young adults. I would love to be part of your journey to the next stage in your life.

I love walking especially with my 1 year old crazy Cock-a-poo called Lola and life is even better if I can walk in the Highlands of Scotland. I have 2 older children (17 and 21) so I am kept busy running around after them. Other hobbies I enjoy are gardening and baking, I am very keen on both, but unfortunately I'm not great at either!

Enjoy your summer and I look forward to welcoming you all back to our form lab in September. I can't wait to get to know you all personally and start the next steps as a team.

Take care. Mrs van Dijk 








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