Working from home

Working From Home With Microsoft Teams

Please read this document explaining our new Microsoft Teams platform

Please then read this document explaining how to access and use Microsoft Teams 

Here is a link to Microsoft Teams to access your work

Here is a link to helpful videos that will demonstrate how to use this new platform

To access work off site, please view this guide, here is the link to the Online Platform.

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  • @Gbrown57996298 @TEAL_Trust What a lovely thing to tweet. Thank you
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  • RT @HughesHaili: @JonnyUttley @TheSnaithSchool @TEAL_Trust They look great!
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  • RT @Gbrown57996298: @TheSnaithSchool @TEAL_Trust A school I am proud to have sent Molly to and one lily goes to x
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  • RT @JonnyUttley: We are very excited about our new science rooms @TheSnaithSchool @TEAL_Trust
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  • All six labs completely transformed. Fantastic!