• School Day (COVID UPDATED)

The School Day:




School Day Explained:

The typical school day has been staggered and altered as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. 

To maintain year group bubbles there will be staggered arrival and departure times for year groups. On arrival the following procedures must be adhered to: 

Pupils will go straight to the room that they have their first lesson in. Please note, whilst we are following this 'emergency' timetable, form time will be with the period one teacher except in Year 7. This is to minimize travel around school and contact with others. All pupils will be emailed their timetables before the start of term.  

Pupils will leave school at staggered times depending on their year group. We would encourage pupils to walk, cycle or scoot to and from school wherever possible to reduce the use of public transport. For those that are walking or cycling home we would ask that they leave site immediately and make their way home. Pupils collected by car will need to be collected according to the following times. This is because the school site will be full of buses initially so cars will not have access until 3.30pm.

If you make alternative arrangements for collection, we ask that you are respectful to our neighbors when parking vehicles.

Times for collection by car are: Y11 3.30pm, Y10 3.35pm, Y9 3.40pm, Y8 3.45pm, Y7 3.50pm.

We ask that parents and carers collecting their children remain in the car at all times to maintain social distancing measures. We will keep pupils in year group bubbles at locations around the site until their collection time. Please note, pupils will not be allowed to leave the school site and then re-enter. Pupils travelling by bus will be dismissed from classes one year group at a time and buses will leave at the usual time

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