Clive was named by pupils and stands for:

  • Citizenship
  • Life
  • Independence
  • Values 
  • Ethics

Many of you will have heared this called PHSCEE or Life Skills in other schools.


In Clive we give pupils the skills they need to deal with adult life. Clive encompasses. Sex and Relationship education (SRE), Drugs Education, Business Studies at KS3, Finance, Careers, Citizenship, E-Safety, Exam Skills, Employability, Equality, Health and Prevention as well as values and Ethics. The curriculum is supported by other subjects, assemblies and Thought for the Week. A lot of work goes into making sure pupils are safe online and sufficiently aware of dangers in the modern world. We also give them skills and awareness of organisations that can help them navigate their way to adulthood.

There has been a lot in the press about SRE. At Snaith we teach relationships focussing on managing friendships and managing toxic relationships, consent and peer pressure before moving onto the more specific risks and ways of managing sexual relationships. The idea is to give pupils the means to make healthy choices free from manipulation in their adult life. We are clear on the law regarding relationships, including that no one below 16 can legally consent to a sexual relationship. We also explore diverse views about relationships and marriage including non-religious, religious, liberal and conservative values. We welcome parental engagement with the department. Contact Mr Gardner if you wish to speak about this in more detail.

Year 7:

  • Citizenship
  • Relationships – specifically friendships and positive and toxic relationships
  • E-Safety
  • Careers
  • Business
  • Exam Skills


Year 8:

  • Relationships – Specifically puberty and body image.
  • Employability and Equality
  • Business
  • Health and Prevention
  • Drugs, alcohol and county lines.
  • Smoking and Peer Pressure


Year 9:

  • Relationships – specifically family marriage and introducing the right time for sexual relationships
  • Mindfulness
  • Finance
  • Careers and GCSE options support
  • Business Studies
  • Exam Skills


Year 10:

  • Drugs and the Law
  • Relationships – Specifically consent, deeper consent and safety
  • Ethics – Women’s Rights
  • Wellbeing – Diverse views of Masculinity
  • Ethics –Issues of Life and Death


Year 11:

  • Careers - Understanding Local Job Opportunities
  • College Application
  • Parliament and Voting
  • Fake News and the Internet
  • Ethics – Racism in the USA
  • Study Skills
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