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In a very busy and demanding environment, Physical Education is a popular and well liked subject on the school curriculum. Participation through all of the sports and activities covered is good, and the department programme of lunchtime and extra – curricular activities, well subscribed and eagerly attended.
There are 7 specialist Physical Education teachers, Mr Franklin as subject leader, Miss Mcfarlane as Head of Girls and Dance, Mrs Willden, Mr Wilson, Mr Collins, , Mr Baines and Mr Raistrick.

The facilities on site are very good. There is a four court community sports hall, a standard sized gymnasium, an all-weather area that has 3 tennis and two netball courts, and extensive playing fields. There is a well-established uniform for sport with pupils who follow an examination course having a badged track suit jacket.
The ethos and philosophy of the department is based on active participation and having a go.


Schemes of Work

Scheme of Work

KS3 Information

Pupils in years 7 & 8 have 4 lessons over a fortnight.  Pupils are taught in both single and mixed sex groupings. During this stage pupils have exposure to a wide range of sports including football, rugby (union and league), netball, , table tennis, handball, basketball, badminton, tennis, track and field athletics, cross country running,  rounder’s, softball, dance and aerobics. Pupils are encouraged to develop not only skills, techniques and strategies, but to develop positive work attitudes and an understanding of having a healthy balanced lifestyle

Activities on a lunch time are either of an invitation club nature, or competitive inter form sport, involving as many sports possible throughout the year. Participation in these activities is encouraged as an extension of the form, but leading to participation in full school teams.

KS4 Information

Pupils in years 10 and 11 receive one compulsory lesson in PE during one week. In addition the department runs three examination courses, a GCSE Physical Education (OCR), Cambridge National Sports Studies and BTEC Dance. All three courses are very popular and usually oversubscribed.
Examination courses will allow pupils to develop expertise in a range of sports familiar to them, whilst in standard PE lessons, the focus is very much on pupils selecting their own sport and developing and advancing their skills as much as they can.

KS4 pupils are actively encouraged to help with other aspects of sport and readily assist in refereeing, coaching and organizing tournaments and events. KS4 Pupils will also have the opportunity to access the new developed fitness suite. Cardio machines, free weights and access to circuit training is another option available for pupils in both Core and examination PE lessons.


The P.E Department regularly run trips and excursions to various different sporting events and venues. The P.E Department will keep pupils in the loop regarding these future opportunities.


The P.E Department conduct a wide range of extra – curricular activities on a lunch-time and after school. These clubs constantly change so an updated timetable located in the pupils’ changing rooms is the best method to stay in touch with current sports and activities or alternatively speak to a member of the P.E Department. Regular tournaments, fixtures and festivals will be held throughout the year against other schools and similarly these will be displayed for all pupils to access.

Next Steps

Speak to any PE teacher at school. They will give you good advice on any sports, new or old and where to go to try them.

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