• Business Studies


We are a specialist Business and Enterprise school and Ofsted recognized the business department for delivering excellent enterprise education across the whole school. Business Studies is available as an option subject in year 10 and aims not only to give pupils business knowledge to gain a GCSE but also to equip them with a range of transferable skills that they can take into any workplace when they leave education.

KS4 Information

This course is assessed by two 1 hour 45 minute examinations, each worth 50% of the overall GCSE grade.

Topics covered are:

  • Starting a Business: How do entrepreneurs turn business ideas into success?
  • Production: What different methods are used to manufacture quality products?
  • Marketing: How do you design, price and promote products and services? 
  • Finance: How do you raise money in the first instance, make profit and then control your finances? 
  • Managing People: How do you recruit, train and motivate staff to work for you?
  • Business Growth: What methods are used by growing businesses to expand into international markets and use e-commerce?

Next Steps

  • GCE A Level Business, Economics, Accountancy, Law
  • BTEC National Diploma in Business
  • John Leggott, New College, Selby College
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