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The Art and Design department is made up of three Art teachers, Mrs Nichols (Head of Art), Miss Speedy and Miss Bentley. The department also has a valued classroom assistant, Miss Barker. The department has two specialist teaching rooms with 20 computers contained within. In addition the department has a darkroom, kiln and facilities for print making. 

Art is a popular and successful subject in both KS3 and KS4 with a large number of KS4 pupils progressing to further study at a number of colleges both near and further afield.

The Art department now offers Photography at KS4 as a GCSE option.

Scheme of Work

Schemes of Work


KS3 Information

Pupils explore a range of Art, Design and Craft skills in years 7 and 8, with the emphasis of experimentation, confidence building and exploring art from other times in history and other cultures. In Yr 9 of KS3 pupils are able to choose Art or Photography as a specialism, this allows pupils to explore the subject before they opt for GCSE’s later in the year.

KS4 Information

GCSE Fine Art (AQA)

This is a very successful broad course including practical art work and contextual research. Pupils are encouraged to use a range of 2D and/or 3D processes and new media and technologies. It is a course where candidates can work in appropriate art, craft and design materials and processes.

Pupils are now able to opt for their options in Year8, therefore beginning their GCSE course in Year9. 

As an introduction to the expectations of the GCSE Course pupils will explore Indian and African Cultures. They will begin to develop awareness of the Assessment objectives; AO1 Artist Research/Cultural Influence, AO2 Media, Ideas & Development, AO3 Recording observations through drawing ,media, photography & annotations. AO4 Presenting a personal response, realising intentions.

Pupils will expand and develop their use of media; designing and creating work that explores drawing, oil pastels, mono printing and clay.


Structure of the Course



Term one – In the first term pupils base their work on a collection of their own objects. Pupils produce observed work from these photographs initially using black and white media. Pupils then develop their observed work using a range of colour media. Pupils will also be expected to learn new skills such as photography and print making.


Term two - Pupils will introduce artist research into their work. Analysing artists work and producing a range of initial ideas, then refining, modifying and developing ideas.


Term Three - Pupils produce a final piece in response to the first 2 terms work.  In the final term of year10 pupils are then introduced to their Year 11 project.


Term one - Pupils will complete their second extended project.


Term two - Pupils will receive their examination papers and start preparation in readiness for their formal examination which is 40% of their GCSE.


Term three - Pupils complete their portfolio of work which is 60% of their GCSE.


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