• Faculty of English and Mathematics

E and M


 The core subjects of English and Maths work closely together as a faculty to ensure every pupil makes outstanding progress by being stretched, challenged and supported.

Opportunities are provided to add depth to pupils’ learning and develop their literacy and numeracy skills through a rich and varied curriculum delivered by a highly qualified and collaborative team of subject specialists, offering very high standards of teaching and learning.

Through an exciting and innovative curriculum and extracurricular activities, there is an unfaltering focus on all pupils achieving their potential across both key stages. The faculty offers a range of exciting trips, clubs and competitions; Murderous Maths mornings, visits from The Young Shakespeare Company, a day at The Deep to see maths in the real world, discovering the roots of Dracula on a Gothic day out at Whitby are just a few of the extra activities through which pupils’ enjoyment and understanding of the subjects is enhanced.

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